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Bulletin 03.15.2020

Welcome to Journey!

We are glad that you are here to worship God with us. We hope that you can experience God's transformational love as you become a part of our community through our house churches. *Add: This is how we view our church to grow. The purpose of house church ministries is to become the church that Jesus Christ had in mind. More information about house churches can be found here on our website.


English Service @ 09:45

Korean Service @ 11:15


Shepherd's Prayer



Offering + Response

Fellowship @ 11:00

Small Groups @ 11:40

Lunch @ 12:30 


1. Fasting and Praying for Cuesta

Every 3rd Sunday (March 15th), we will fast and do a prayer walk on Cuesta College from 4 to 5 PM. Meet in front of the cafeteria or contact Denise Man for a ride: (510) 302-7123


2. Finals Week Dinners

During finals week (03/16-03/17), we offer free dinners to bless the college students. After some discussion, our church staff team decided to host finals dinner ONLY MONDAY AND TUESDAY. We will take extra precautions in light of various illnesses going around and will only be serving food that will be prepped at church by volunteers wearing extra protective equipment while prepping/serving the food. We still want to bless our community of college students, but also want to care for everyone's safety.


3. Ping-Pong Tournament + Games

On April 5th, we are having joint service then a ping-pong tournament with some board games afterward. To sign-up for the ping-pong tournament, please contact your house church shepherd. Food will be provided at this event.


1. News #1

Insert text blah blah


2. News #2

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Serving rotation

This Sunday (03.15.2020)

  • Shepherd's Prayer: Chris J.

  • Snacks: SLO HC

  • Lunch Set-up/Clean-up: SEA, Sacramento, Columba HC

Next Sunday (03.22.2020)

  • Shepherd's Prayer: Trent E.

  • Snacks: SEA HC

  • Lunch Set-up/Clean-up: SLO + South County HC

attendance + offering

Attendance Last Sunday

  • English Service: 120

  • Korean Service: 30

House Church Attendance

  • Total form 11 house churches: 165


  • Last Sunday: $12000

  • YTD Total: $56000

house churches

What is a house church?

Blurp about what is a house church!!!


1. TBD: Andrew Gillis | 951.897.8013


2. TBD: Jonathan Rabbon | 805.602.8834

3. TBD: Jovany Martinez | 559.718.6908

4. TBD: Justin Kim | 213.507.0136


5. Colomba: Carl Lind III | 760.803.1063

6. Sacramento: Paul Cha | 805.234.5771

7. InterVarsity SLO: Trent Ellingsen | 925.922.1618

8. South County: Hamilton Duldulao | 

9. SEA: Chris Jose | 805.215.5673

10. Tijuana: Ryan Mensing | 661.549.5434

11. TBD: Corey Rabbon | 805.459.3782

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