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Journey Christian Fellowship has nominated and elected 5 Deacons that are now serving the church. Here are each with a small bio of who they are.


Ryan Mensing

Ryan Mensing is a Cal Poly Alumnus (BS Biomedical Engineering) and currently working as a supervisor in a software engineering firm, which was integrated into Boeing in 2019.  He was baptized at JCF in 2015.  In the past, you may have seen Ryan helping out in the sound & slides booth, teaching with Children's ministry, taking out the trash, folding chairs, chairing the BHC team, or out at Farmer's / Cal Poly's campus talking to strangers.   Ryan brings a passion for prayer, public preaching, and practical acts of service, and desires for God to use him as a catalyst to encourage further service and spiritual growth in fellow church members.  Currently, he is serving as a House Church Shepherd and attending Gateway Seminary to obtain a Masters of Theological Studies.   He lives in San Luis Obispo with his wife Hyewon Grace Im and they are expecting their first son on Jan 1, 2020


Corey Rabbon

Corey Rabbon received the Lord Jesus as his Savior in the late 80’s, and was baptized a year or two later. He has enjoyed learning from God’s word for many decades. Corey helps lead a house church, the prayer service, and recently taught the Galatians study. He has lived in San Luis Obispo for over 30 years, and has been married to his wife Jinky for 23 years (as of September 7th, you don’t need to include the date). He has a daughter and 3 sons, and has worked for one of the largest employers in the County for the last 20 years.

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Sora Kim

Sora Kim started attending this church as a freshman at Cal Poly in 1990 when it was called Calvary Korean Church.  She has seen the many changes from its name, pastors and locations since then.  Since 1992 she has been involved in Children’s Sunday school, youth group, discipling college students, and teaching Bible studies including Essential Truth Studies and Experiencing God.  She took a semester of classes at Golden Gate Seminary while her husband, Eugene pursued his degree in Masters of Divinity there.  She continues to lead the JCF Children’s Ministry and is a Junior Shepherd for her house church with her husband.  She has been married to Eugene Kim for 23 years and have two sons and one daughter.


Trent Ellingsen

Trent Ellingsen came to SLO for Cal Poly and graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 2012. He’s since worked as a Software Engineer at Mindbody and now is the CEO of Atlas Alpha Inc. After growing up in the church he experienced life changing healing from Jesus in college and started a personal relationship with him in 2009. Trent has been married to Joanne for 5 years and has a 2 year old son and another son one on the way. He served as a Worship Leader for JCF for 1.5 years, is currently a House Churches shepherd and village leader, and continues to seek how to best to follow God’s will in every aspect of his life.


Elaine McCann

Elaine McCann came to know about the Lord through youth group. However, It wasn't until her senior in college, where the previous pastor of JCF, Don Kim, spoke on sin and missing the mark. Her eyes were finally opened that I'm a sinner if I had been living my life the way I want it instead of the way God has created for it to be lived- in a loving relationship with Him and allowing Him to Lord over my life. She's married to the JCF pastor Young Su McCann and has a son and daughter. She's been faithfully serving the church through many roles at the church throughout the years and continues to grow in her faith as God has continued to show his grace and mercy. She's dedicated to seek and save the lost through her Deacon role and will serve the church in whatever way the Lord guides.

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