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Biblical Authority

The Bible is true and must be obeyed to produce transformation in individuals lives and in the church.

We envision people in love with the Word of God because the Word is God. We envision people living by the supreme standard of the Word. We envision people passionately growing in their knowledge of the Word to be applied and becoming competent teachers of the Word.

Authentic Community

Accountability, belonging, care, and spiritual growth happen best within meaningful relationships.

We envision everyone in our church doing life together in authentic community. This authentic community of faith, hope, and love will be an attractive force, leading people to grow in Jesus Christ. We envision this welcoming, caring, and loving community helping others to grow in Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Discipline

We must exercise spiritual discipline (e.g. worship, prayer, etc.) personally and corporately.

We envision people exercising spiritual disciplines to experience the power of the gospel, growing individually and corporately in worship, prayer, Bible Study, fellowship, and loving. We envision bold, godly leaders who encourages others to practice these God-ordained disciplines.

Influential Leadership

We are responsible to pass along to others the knowledge, skills, and opportunities that have been entrusted to us.

We envision of a system that develops servant leaders exponentially. When leading, we are thinking of developing new leaders that can influence the church, community, and the world. We see the number of leaders doubling every year.

Christ-Centered Discipleship

We follow Jesus Christ in evangelism, discipleship, edification, and obedience.

We envision people transformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ, actively seeking and serving Jesus Christ through the ministries of the church. We see believers sharing their faith, loving people, serving the local church, and participating in the global missions.

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