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I attended a pastors’ house church conference in Clarksville, Tennessee last week from September 12 through 15th. Hanging around with 100 pastors who are doing house church ministry is encouraging and energizing. We have had learning time, sharing time, and testimony time. During the learning time, I was in a “path finder” class where I learns about nuts and bolts about house church in details. I was challenged to write a weekly “pastor’s journal”. Pastor’s journal is a place where pastor can share his heart to the congregation weekly basis. It is different than weekly sermon or a lesson. This is a place where I can share my heart with our church family. As I share my heart and thoughts, you get to know me as well. I can share my weaknesses and ask your help as well. I hope this can be a place where you find how you can pray for me as well that I can continue to experience transformation.

This is my first pastor’s journal and I have titled it “being faithful”. I want to be faithful in doing the things that God convicts me to do regardless how big or how small. I want to do them well, too. That is why I am starting to write the pastor’s corner. I think God wants me to do this to deepen my relationship with our church members. I don’t have time to meet everyone and share my life with them, but through the pastor’s corner I can share my thoughts and heart in transparency to do life with our church members. Please pray for me that I can be faithful in keeping up with writing weekly pastor’s corner. Please pray for me that I can be faithful in everything God is nudging me to do. I am so grateful that I am the pastor at Journey Christian Fellowship and I hope and pray that all of us can deepen our relationship with God and with one another.

​Thank you.


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