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House Church Ministry

Jesus said in Matthew 16 that He will build His church and the gates of hades will not overcome it and we see the church forming in the books of Acts as Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost. We see the glimpse of various aspects of church in the letters (New Testament letters). We see the description of the church and we can learn so much from the description. We must go back to the New Testament and learn how we must do church.

House Church ministry attempts to restore the New Testament church and there are many in South Korea and North America who are in our network that are doing House Church ministry. We have regular gatherings (monthly zoom) and pastors get together every 6 months to learn, share, and get encouraged.

JCF have been doing House Church ministry since 2014 and we have had a wonderful opportunity to go to Fresno and share what we know with a church there. It was part of their revival weekend, and their leaders and members were challenged and encouraged as we have prayed for.

One emphasis of House Church ministry is to make disciples of all nation. We want non-Christians to become Christians and be a disciple making disciple of Jesus Christ. We want the entire church to engage in this and do this. Most churches the staff (paid staff) do this, but most lay people are not engaged, but we want 100% of Christians to be involved in disciple making ministry (i.e. saving the lost and developing them to be disciple making disciples). Each of the house churches are led by a lay-leader and they are not helping the pastor, but they own this ministry (this is their ministry)

JCF has helped several other churches in California and Lord willing, we will continue to function as a resource church for those who are doing House Church ministry. There are many challenges and difficulties, but as Jesus has promised us that He will build His church and gates of hades will not overcome it, we trust and follow Him to do exact thing He has said for His power, honor, and glory.

JCF will obey the great commission through the church (house churches)!


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