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There were many happy moments in my life. I was so happy when I got married 23 years ago (yesterday, September 25th was my 23rd wedding anniversary). When both of my kids were born, I was so happy. I remember cutting the umbilical cords when they were born. I remember the way God spoke to me and Elaine to enter full time ministry giving up my engineering job. That was such a momentous moment for our family.

Past 22 years of full-time ministry, we have had many joyful events. Oh man there were so many. When 2 churches merged (Calvary Mission Church and Foothill Baptist Church) to form Journey Christian Fellowship in 2008. When we started house church ministry in 2014 and experienced some growth, I was so happy because many people got saved and they became leaders. When we completed adding 1500 sq ft and remodeling, it was so satisfying and glad. Every baptism, every membership training, every house church multiplication, every Sunday, retreats, reminds me of God’s faithfulness accomplishing His plan in our lives.

We had a “welcome back” student event yesterday and many new people came. It was exciting to see them and how our members interacted with them. It was a very lively gathering. I have been praying for 20 new students to come and I will wait to see how many will settle at Journey to call Journey at home church in college.

There are many reasons to be happy, but the Bible reminds me to rejoice over the fact that my name is written in heaven. (Luke 10:20). My primary joy must come from the fact that I am saved. This salvation is so great. I was destined to die and go to hell, but by God’s mercy and grace, He saved me through the blood of Jesus Christ. I am so happy about that. This happiness will never be changed and there is nothing that can change this reality. I want to live in this joy forever and be motivated by this joy to live for God.

​Thank you.


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