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Journey Christian Fellowship has hired team members to help multiply the ministry. Here's a first introduction. 


(Pastor) Young Su & Elaine McCann

Pastor Young Su was a VIP (not a follower of Jesus Christ) in 1990 as he came to San Luis Obispo as a student to study at Calpoly. He got saved in 1991 at this church and he eventually became the pastor in 2000. He received M.Div in 2003 and in 2008, the church merged with Foothill Baptist Church and formed a new congregation, Journey Christian Fellowship. He is passionate in preaching the gospel and making the gospel the most important and crucial news people need to hear and live through. He is married to Elaine McCann and they have 2 children (Noel and A.J.). He is a type 9 in Enneagram and God has grown him well with 8 and 1 as his wings. He is funny (even though he is not trying to be funny). He got his Irish last name through his sister adopting him. His family is very international.


(Worship Leader & College) Paul Cha 

Paul(he, him, his) came to San Luis Obispo in 2006 when he was a freshman at Cal Poly, and graduated with Liberal Arts & Engineering degree. He worked in the advertisement industry as a motion designer before joining the staff team at Journey in 2017. He is also working part time as the lead staff for InterVarsity in San Luis Obispo. Paul loves JCF’s vision to be a blessing to San Luis Obispo through its house churches, and through it, God is teaching Paul what it means to lay down his life so that others might experience the blessing of knowing and following Jesus. In his role as the praise coordinator, Paul is passionate about creating spaces for people to encounter God and respond to Him through music. Paul has been married to Rachel since 2013, and they are expecting a child in late September. For fun, Paul enjoys volleyball, surfing, and woodworking.


(Operations Administrator) Denise Man

Denise was born and raised in a non-Christian environment in Oakland, California. She moved to SLO to study Environmental Engineering at Cal Poly in 2012 and became a Christian a few years later through attending the house church ministry. As a student, she served as a college house church shepherd for 4 years. After graduating, she answered God’s call to minister to Cuesta College students and joined InterVarsity as a volunteer staff member and then joined the staff team at Journey in 2018. Her role in JCF is to handle many of the administrative side of church. As an administrator, she works closely with pastor and other leadership to help the vision of JCF come to fruition. Denise is passionate about making inclusive space for people to best worship and come to know God and His loving nature. Some of her hobbies include learning new skills, sketching, meeting new people, cooking, eating, and drinking lots of boba.

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