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Body of Christ

Church is described as the body of Christ with Jesus Christ being the head. Church is the extension of the head (Jesus Christ) continuing the work of Jesus Christ the way honors Jesus Christ. As I was saved in our current church in 1991, I have never been a member of any other church, so I don’t know many other things that happen in the life of a church.

I have learned that church is incredibly special. Nothing in the world can say that they are a body of Jesus Christ except the church. Functionally, I have experienced many incredible activities and fruits as God allowed us to participate in His Kingdom work. This participation is not just for me to participate, but the whole or many parts participating together to discern the will of God and doing the will of God with the strength God provides to all. When we get behind a mission effort or outreach to college students or a Bible study, we know there is nothing like a local church when it functions right.

Local church is the hope of the world for truth, wisdom, God’s power, and God’s love. This is where people, especially people who do not know God can experience God. Also, people who are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ can be the agent of blessing and change in the world as we do life in the world. What an incredible invitation and honor be in the body of Christ. We are not perfect, and we do have many flaws.

People (Christians and non-Christians) may have lost hope in the church. This is a huge loss, and the effects will be detrimental for the future. Every church member of any church in all denominations should take this seriously and pray and be changed to have a high view of the church being a BODY OF JESUS CHRIST. This is God’s idea and God’s plan A. There is no plan B and I wish that our church will continue to practice humility and hope in Jesus Christ to be the body Jesus wants to be, doing His will in His way, with the strength He provides for His glory. I wish everyone to participate to experience such a body life. We want to grow that way and we want to grow with more people as well.


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